A blogger without a blog

My blogging journey begins here and this is why….

For a while I have liked the idea of having a blog. I enjoy writing, I find it a good way to write down my thoughts and I have often thought having a blog would be a good and modern way to go about it. I dabbled in blogging a few months ago when we were weaning The Little Dude but struggled with where to go with it as there was a limit to how much I could write about feeding my child and then I hit writers block.

Whilst I was writing my original blog I started following a couple of other blogs and quickly became immersed in the blogging world. In fact I currently feel a bit of a fraud in the blogging world. I follow britmums, tots100, and several other ‘mum blogs’ on twitter. I regularly use other blogs to give me ideas of activities to try with the Little Dude and feel as if I should contribute back. I have been particularly inspired by two blogs over the past few months – The Imagination Tree and Edspire (please forgive me for not adding links yet – I will do this when I work out how!). Anna at the Imagination Tree is so creative and has the most wonderful ideas for play and craft, I have tried many of these with the Little Dude. I came across Jennie’s blog – Edspire when looking at Anna’s Share Sunday blog link up on facebook, Jennie’s story is simply heartbreaking and there have been so many times where I have wanted to reach out and give her a hug.  I have tried some of her messy play ideas and ideas from others who have linked up to the ‘Messy play for Matilda Mae’ linky and really feel that I should add something to the links too, I know it won’t help but I would like Jennie to know that there is one more person who has been touched by her words, one more person who has been inspired to write because of her and one more person who is thinking of her.

I am mum to a 13 month little boy (The Little Dude), live with my partner (The Big Dude) and have just gone back to work. I have been find it hard to juggle everything and am slowly coming to the realisation that I cannot be Supermum! I have been trying to be the perfect mum, the perfect girlfriend and an outstanding PE teacher at the same time as having a clean and tidy house and trying to stay fit and active, oh and having some ‘me’ time in there somewhere too. Last weekend I had a bit of a meltdown when I realised that I couldn’t do everything and couldn’t be perfect at everything. I talked it through with the Big Dude and we agreed that I would have some time for myself the following morning to go for a long overdue run (8 months overdue in fact). So last Sunday I ran and boy was it needed. The actual run itself was hard, really hard – I ached til Thursday but it was lovely to have that half an hour to myself to gather my thoughts. It was during this run that I reconsidered blogging again (all the talk on twitter about Britmums last weekend probably played some part in this too – I felt like a blogger without a blog!) and thought it would be a good way to organise my thoughts, keep a record of the fun times I am having with the little dude and let those whose blogs I regularly follow, get ideas from and think about know how much they are inspiring others. So here it is, my blog.

I have read a lot about blogging over the last few months and know how important it is to find your blogging voice, to have something unique and to display posts in an interesting and original way. I’m pretty sure I have none of that yet; I have used the word ‘inspire’  far too much in this one post, I have no photo to add, I haven’t even figured out how to add a link but this is me, simply me.




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