Summer Days


Sunshine, picnics, birds flying
Running around, streams, ducks, 
Ice cream, days out, animals,
That’s what summer days are made of:
Rainy days, reading books, peppa pig,
Messy play, baking cakes, playing trains,
Car trips, funny games, quality time, 
That’s what wet summer days are made of 
The big dude, the little dude & I
Laughing, joking, smiling
That’s what our little family is made of 

Menu for the week

When I started my original blog it was all about baby led weaning, although I don’t blog about that anymore I still want to keep an element of food/feeding a toddler through my blog so I will aiming to blog once a week about our menu for the week. 

I always plan what we are going to eat in advance – I find it helps ensure I only buy what I need from the supermarket and means I don’t need the stress of figuring out what to make each night. When I know we are going to be having a busy day I plan something straightforward. I love cooking and enjoy exploring and trying out new recipes. The Little Dude has recently been through a fussy stage with food but seems to eat pretty much anything (except for obvious vegetables 😦  ) again at the moment. 

The Little Dude is currently 15 months and this has been our menu this week:

Monday: Jamie Oliver’s tomato & basil risotto with added chorizo with crusty bread

Tuesday: Sausage and pasta with sundried tomato pesto (homemade)

Wednesday: Fresh pasta & sauce (The Little Dude will eat at nursery so the Big Dude and I will have an easy, quick cook dinner)

Thursday: Thai red chicken curry

Friday: Fish fingers, waffles and peas for the Little Dude and Chicken goujans & wedges for us

Saturday: Chicken Fajitas

Sunday: Whatever I can make out of the leftovers in the fridge!

He speaks…

It appears that the Little Dude is finding his voice. We haven’t had much yet but the other night the Big Dude was sat reading him a bedtime Peppa Pig story and all of a sudden in the cutest clearest little voice we heard ‘Peppa.’ Not once, not twice but over and over – my heart melted and I had a tear in my eye. 

Since they we have had attempts at hiya, hello, bye bye and baba (bedtime bear) – his treasured comforter. 

This is a really exciting time, we are watching and listening to everything he says and trying to encourage him as much as possible. At the same time  feel a huge amount of responsibility – how do I encourage this newfound skill? How do I/we help him develop his speech in the correct way? Is there a right or wrong? Is he speaking as much as he should be – I read posts on forums where 15 month olds have a vocabulary of 20+ and the little dude is no where near this.

We speak to him constantly, describe what we are doing, ask him questions and pause for a response, break words down, point to pictures in books and everyday objects and tell him what they are, we read to him regularly and he has piles of books that he is always looking through and ‘reading’ himself and we have been going to Tiny Talk – a baby signing class since he was 4 months old. I’m pretty sure we are doing the right thing but yet again I am hit by the constant questions – Am I doing this right? Am I giving him the best possible start in life? In speech? What can I do better? Is he on track? 

How did you encourage your little ones to start speaking? Anything I’m missing? 

Thanks for reading 🙂