Menu for the week

When I started my original blog it was all about baby led weaning, although I don’t blog about that anymore I still want to keep an element of food/feeding a toddler through my blog so I will aiming to blog once a week about our menu for the week. 

I always plan what we are going to eat in advance – I find it helps ensure I only buy what I need from the supermarket and means I don’t need the stress of figuring out what to make each night. When I know we are going to be having a busy day I plan something straightforward. I love cooking and enjoy exploring and trying out new recipes. The Little Dude has recently been through a fussy stage with food but seems to eat pretty much anything (except for obvious vegetables 😦  ) again at the moment. 

The Little Dude is currently 15 months and this has been our menu this week:

Monday: Jamie Oliver’s tomato & basil risotto with added chorizo with crusty bread

Tuesday: Sausage and pasta with sundried tomato pesto (homemade)

Wednesday: Fresh pasta & sauce (The Little Dude will eat at nursery so the Big Dude and I will have an easy, quick cook dinner)

Thursday: Thai red chicken curry

Friday: Fish fingers, waffles and peas for the Little Dude and Chicken goujans & wedges for us

Saturday: Chicken Fajitas

Sunday: Whatever I can make out of the leftovers in the fridge!


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